March 2, 2024


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A meal guide to keep your inner foodie warm and happy.

A meal guide to keep your inner foodie warm and happy. – Mountain Inn

Winter is almost drawing to a close (Thank Heavens) However, while it’s still here, we wanted to talk FOOD. Imagine a snuggly glass of milk or maybe mulled wine, heart-melting stews, and luscious desserts- (enters hot malva pudding drizzled with chocolate sauce.) yum, right?

When considering a good winter meal, the one thing we all seek out is the heartiness of it. For some reason, the warmth at which it’s served almost always triggers childhood memories from grandma’s kitchen or any other warm vibes. Whether it’s date night, lunch with the family, or merely just a day with friends, the gracefulness of a satisfied palate goes a long way. So, we’ve put today a meal guide inspired by the menu at the Grill to help you keep your inner foodie happy and warm this season.

An Evening Breeze

This meal selection is for when you’re going on easy, a dinner date, or maybe late lunch with friends. Magnificently filling yet light, drink suggestion is a glass of dry white wine.

Starter: Trinchado with sweet potato chips
Main: Lentil soup
Dessert: Cherries Jubilee

Grandma’s way 

Our second coupling is more of a full set or flavor, the one where the best way to complement the chef is to leave nothing left on your plate but something you may not digest (queues in table manners). Some may opt for a glass of whisky or bourbon or mulled wine.

Starter: Deep-fried Camembert Cheese
Main: Chicken Curry
Dessert: Hot Malva pudding

Into the woods  

Here let’s take a moment of silence and imagine; a backyard fire pit, you cooped up in a fleece with a cup of bourbon or whisky, a starry night out.

Starter: Sweet Potato Chips (because, hello, who doesn’t love sweet potato?)
Main: Irish stew
Dessert: Honey Ice Cream

The next time you step through our doors during these bone-chilling days, we urge you to not only try these meal blends but everything delectable on our menu.

These are all available at the Grill and you can click this link to view our menu.

We can’t wait to serve you.

*All items are available on the Mountain Inn menu with prices.