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Why Slow Restaurant Lagos Is The New Secret Hangout Spot

Why Slow Restaurant Lagos Is The New Secret Hangout Spot

Slow Restaurant Lagos

Slow Restaurant Victoria Island is one of the exclusive restaurants in Lagos. It is located in a choice location with beautiful scenery and fine dining.
As a way to upscale your dining choices, Slow restaurant is a posh hangout you should consider in the city of Lagos. Therefore, you may want to consider a romantic dinner date, business dinner or pleasurable moment are top on the list of popular motivations to visit the luxurious restaurant.

The slow restaurant is a fast-growing intercontinental food spot in the city of Lagos. Even though it is just getting started, the restaurant is five-star and worthy of mention among the top residents of Lagos island.

Read on to discover more about this five-star dining at Slow restaurant Lagos.

Location- How to arrive at Slow Restaurant

The slow restaurant is situated at 2 Musa Yar’Adua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It is tucked away from the congested and rush lifestyle of Lagos.

For people who are quite familiar with Victoria Island in Lagos, there is an easy ride to a slow restaurant. However, Google maps or taxi riders can be your best option to locate the spot which is off Kofo Abayomi road.

Opening days and time

As expected, Slow restaurant Victoria Island, Lagos is very particular about reservations. The reservations give the waiters and service team a perfect reason to prepare for your visit.

This includes your seat reservations, getting ready to give you the best services and also knowing your preferences before you visit. Also, in case of surprise celebrations or just a mini party, reserving a slot at the slow restaurant is your best bet.

Although, the place is open seven days a week between the hours of 8 am to 1 am and usually gets busy in the evenings on Friday and Saturday.

Ambience, Layouts and Architecture of Slow Restaurant

The ambience at the Slow Restaurant Lagos is exceptionally inviting. The arena provides a lot of options for your dining affairs, although it has a more adventurous setting compared to your regular cafes.

The sitting areas are both inside and outside and both are beautifully designed with glass structures and green plants everywhere. Therefore, if you do not mind flowers and a mini farm feel without the animals of course, then you can try Slow restaurant.

Furthermore, at the entrance of the restaurant, there are gardens which have beautiful flowers and well-grown plants. The slow restaurant gives a natural aura combined with the classy rich Lagos vibes you would surely experience.

Also, the arena is neat, well structured and organized from the time you enter till you are out. On a normal level, you cannot expect the world-class restaurant to have any drop of the regular Lagos “buka” so you would enjoy serenity among the rich.

To give a hint on the architecture, the slow restaurant is well built with both exterior and interior carve-outs. The outdoor area is a mini stretch with quality terrazzo, comfortable chairs, the main backdrop with a ‘SLOW’ imprint at the entrance and a white walkway still surrounded by flowers.

Furthermore, there is great lighting at Slow restaurant, especially around the cocktail bar sections. Also, the interior and exterior areas are well lit which gives a different feel during the day and another at night.

Mini Farm at Slow Restaurant

As a way to always deliver fresh meals, Slow Restaurant has a mini farm where herbs and spices are planted. The restaurant grows its leaves and vegetables plus it is handpicked for use as necessary.

Although the restaurant is decorated with flowers, the mini farm is reserved in a healthy location around the restaurant.

Menu list

The slow restaurant serves Latin, Central America and West African dishes in style. On the menu list, there are a variety of dishes which are unique to this restaurant. Thus, you have guides who are ready to give you a hint on the best meals you can try especially if it is your first time.

Another quick one to add is that you need to carefully choose meals particularly if you are not one to easily adapt to new meals.

A look into the menu includes main dishes, desserts, soups and salads, and appetizers all served with a traditional Western influence.

Top on the menu list, are;

  • Seafood, tuna, oysters, and salmon ceviche are mixtures of fresh seafood dipped in sauce, fruits, spices and so on.
  • The main dish section has chicken, lamb chops, beef ribs, ribeye, steaked sandwiches, Peruvian rice and many more.
  • Dessert menu includes; chocolate cake, vanilla macaron, almond cake, olive oil cake, ice cream and chocolate, bread pudding, a fruit platter and a variety of snacks.

-Popular on the breakfast menu include ham and cheese sandwiches, omelette, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, bacon, avocado on toast, waffles, croissant basket, tomato flatbreads, sunny side up and so on.

The meals also include flatbreads, seafood salad, mashed potatoes and signature Slow restaurant dishes.

Also, the meals are prepared by seasoned chefs based on your orders and equally, there is no excess waiting time, so you can get your meals in less than an hour.

-The drink list has signature cocktails, mocktails, spirits, vodka and so on.
Most of which are blends of drinks and fruits such as cucumber, lemon, ginger, herbs and spices and so on.

The amazing thing about Slow restaurant cocktails is that they are freshly prepared from the scratch by excellent mixologists.

Prices overview of food and drinks

The prices of meals and drinks at Slow restaurant are pocket piercing. Although expensive is the close word to describe this, one can not speak for others. Therefore, if you are ready to spend thousands of Naira or a few ten thousand Naira then you have no issue.

At least, cocktails are priced from 4,500 Naira and above while meals could be about 15,000 Naira to almost a hundred thousand. It depends on your selection, preferences and the quantity you buy.

For payments, there are point-of-sale terminals where you can pay directly with your credit, debit, visa or master cards and you will get receipts immediately.

Excellent service

To give you quality and exceed mere satisfaction, the hospitality section of slow restaurants is highly rated. Thus, you will not feel left out of the enjoyment you should be provided with on all fronts.

I quite believe that the excellent service of a restaurant does not start when you order a meal but from everyone, you interact with. With this in mind, Slow restaurant is recommended for you, if you desire to be cared for and welcomed like the royalty that you are.

Entertainment and live music

While you sit to enjoy tasty well-prepared meals at Slow, you will enjoy getting entertained with live music. The music is a great addition to the service provided there because it augments the serenity and exotic style of the restaurant.

Similarly, cool jazz, blues and interesting music genres are special pieces to add life to the settings at the restaurant.

Dining services

You are allowed to choose from the dining options made available by Slow restaurant Lagos. It is either you visit the beautiful restaurant to sit and enjoy the meals, you order a takeaway food pack or you place your order via a telephone call.

Therefore, you have the eat-in, takeaway and delivery options. All of these are directed to give you the nicest experience you will want to come back to.

The meals are packed in paper and plastic bags for the takeaway and delivery alternatives. There are dispatch riders who are stationed to bring the food to your desired location.

Also, for the dine-in category, meals are mostly served in an unusual style with wide bowls that have ancient designs.

Definitive extravagance

The slow restaurant is categorised as the dining arena of the rich and has welcomed celebrities, top-notch events and foreign tones.

Amenities at Slow Restaurant, Lagos

Parking space

The outdoor area of the restaurant has a parking lot where you can freely park your car. However, due to inadequate spaces, it is not so wide and only a few cars can be parked there.


The contemporary restroom at Slow restaurant is satisfactory. There are basins arranged at the entrance to the building to wash hands after using the toilet.

The restrooms have doors for privacy, running water and a modern water closet design.

Outdoor Dining

Dining outdoors at Slow restaurant is quite different. Though there are waiters to serve you and attend to your requests from time to time, you will have a closer look at the gardens and environment better this way.

The fancy chairs and tables are arranged to make you comfortable and help you relax while you eat and drink.

Tips for visiting Slow restaurant

Reserve a spot by booking online

To make reservations, you can either visit the restaurant website, email or call. Also, for the event planning within the facility, you are allowed to request special meals and also make reservations for that.

Be time conscious

You need to arrive at the restaurant at the time given to you. Given that it gets a little busy at night and less crowded during the day, you decide accordingly.

Get ready to spend large

Meals and drinks are pricey, though prices change and they could even go higher than expected. For a first-time visit, you should be prepared for surprises.

Relate with waiters before meal and cocktail selections

Assigned to you as you come into the restaurant are willing and hospitable waiters to give you the in-depth details of the menu and cocktails. Also, you can ask questions for clarity and be guides around the restaurant.

Have a handy camera for a picture session

The slow restaurant has beautiful areas where you can take nice photos and create videos. Right from the entrance, you have the gardens, backdrop, glass doors, and dining arena to pose for memorable snapshots.

Give yourself a well-deserved treat

Pampering your bellies is part of life anyway, therefore an adventurous meal time at Slow restaurant is a great time. Also, it is not a bad idea to give your spouse and loved ones a treat to international cuisines and snacks.

Slow Restaurant Review

The slow restaurant is one of the highly rated restaurants in Lagos.

Slow Restaurant Lagos has proven it is here to stay and prides itself on excellent service, fine dining, and beautiful scenery and you are in for an adventure of a lifetime.