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What to do on the Big Island of Hawaii to stay fit and active?

What to do on the Big Island of Hawaii to stay fit and active?

Many think that traveling and remaining in shape only exceptionally go together. However, no matter if you have access to a well-equipped gym, there are many other ways to stay fit when traveling. It sounds easy, and that is because it is!

Fitness lovers who are planning their next vacation will be delighted to discover all the things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii. In this blog post, we list the best fitness activities on this beautiful island and how you will be able to discover some adrenaline-pumping ways to stay fit and active while having fun. We have selected these five outstanding activities; as we found them most exciting (and most active):

These activities will help you get your heart rate up and your endorphins flowing, which can help you feel much better, have more energy, and stay in shape. So let’s get right into it!

What to do on the Big Island of Hawaii to stay fit and active?

Hiking is an excellent cardio workout due to the constant uphill and downhill movement and a great activity for improving muscle endurance and the cardiovascular system. Luckily, hiking is one of the top fitness activities on the Island of Hawai’i, better known as the Big Island. A dormant volcano named Mauna Kea on Big Island is the highest peak in the Hawaiian Islands. It is also the world’s highest seamount, standing at 13.803 ft (4.207 m) and more than 33.000 ft ( m) above the ocean bottom. And no worries, the volcano last erupted 4.000 years ago and has been inactive since. If we would calculate the size from the underwater base, Mauna Kea is 30.610 ft (9.330 m) and becomes the tallest mountain in the world.

So, if you are up for a challenge, this is a great place to start. This peak is one of the clearest sites on earth for viewing the night sky, and it provides a unique chance to see the polar tundra in Hawaii. Not only will this activity keep you active, but you will also witness the beautiful sunset from the peak and capture the awe-inspiring views of the stars that flood the magnificent night sky.

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You can also zipline on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is another terrific way to stay in shape while vacationing there. One may wonder how flying in the air can burn calories. However, it is not as it seems. Because you must walk, climb stairs, and cross suspension bridges to reach your zip line destination, ziplining can be a rather intense cardiovascular workout. Kohala is the place to go if you are looking for a genuinely aerial canopy zipline experience on the Big Island. This remarkable forest reserve is an essential part of the Halawa Lands of King Kamehameha. Beginners and experienced alike will enjoy the eight lines, six sky bridges, and a rappel that make up this exciting aerial canopy ziplining adventure. With eight lines and six sky bridges, this adventure is perfect for beginners and experts alike. This activity is available on Viator and GetYourGuide and has outstanding customer reviews. Get a birds-eye perspective while trekking 3-hours across the forest canopy.



Surfing is also another great way to stay in shape. Paddling out to catch waves can help you increase cardiovascular and upper-body strength, while jumping up into your stance will target your legs and core. Of course, you must experience this surfing experience while soaking in the stunning scenery when visiting Hawaii. In fact, you do not even have to be in good shape to surf or even start surfing. All you need is energy and motivation to do it and get yourself this full-body workout.

The best place to put your surfing skills to the test is the warm blue waters of Kona. It is home to exhilarating big swells and waves, making it a surfer’s delight regardless of skill level. Surfing in Kahalu’u Bay, in particular, is a spectacular experience because of the diverse coral life, colorful fish, and stunning reefs. It is also a safe environment for first-timers, thanks to the gentle waves and underwater life.

Learn to surf at a small group 2-hour session, and enjoy the warm, blue waters of Kahaluu Bay. Professional surf instructors will have you riding the waves in just minutes, as they say. Check the availability for this great top-rated activity with GetYourGuide or Viator



Kayaking is another great fitness activity on the Big Island of Hawaii that can give you a great cardio workout as you paddle through the waters. Something as simple as paddling can be extremely good for your fitness in more ways than you would expect. The perfect spot to enjoy kayaking is in the Wailoa River since it’s generally calm and gently flowing.

As you glide along the calm river, between tree branches, and under the elegant dragon arches of the Japanese-style bridges, you get to see Hilo from a whole new viewpoint! With its name meaning “long water,” Wailoa offers a convenient boat ramp access point from which you can go down to the Wailoa River and out into Hilo Bay. Throughout the journey, you will encounter a variety of birds and fish that are not seen anywhere else as a bonus. This activity is a great way to get a new perspective on Hilo and the Big Island.

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Our fifth activity, snorkeling, is an excellent cardiovascular and muscle-building activity. However, snorkeling with Manta Rays is less about fitness and more about the memorable experience. Going on a Manta Ray night snorkel excursion in Hawaii is an extraordinary and incomparable experience you will never forget. Manta Rays are one of the most peaceful and majestic water creatures that can be seen in abundance around the Kona Coast in the Hawaiian Islands. They are entirely harmless to people and lured to the spotlights illuminating the night to eat plankton.

The best place to snorkel on the Big Island of Hawaii is the Manta Ray Village. But, of course, you want to ensure the operator is not hurting or disturbing these animals. This activity is available on Viator and GetYourGuide and has outstanding customer reviews. 


What about exploring the diverse landscape of the Big Island by renting bikes? For example, you may go on an exploration of the Kilauea Volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and it is quite stunning. Riding over a spectacular landscape, predominantly downhill and flat paved roads and trails, will provide you with a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

You can experience all kinds of microclimates and large craters, stand beside hot vents, stroll through lava tubes, and observe active lava flows, from lush old Hawaiian rainforests to dramatic lava landscapes. While visiting the Big Island, renting a bike is a great way to explore some of the island’s most stunning vistas while also getting a healthy dose of exercise!

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To Conclude

These activities are perfect for keeping you active and fit and helping you get the most out of your vacation as a gym freak. However, this is not the end of the story. According to the growing wellness industry, hospitality and fitness are perfect bedfellows. As a result, hotel gyms are becoming fundamental to the client experience. Having a breakaway full of relaxation and admiring the local culture while also having the chance to unwind in a fitness center is essential for a fitness-minded traveler. But how can you find a good hotel with a great gym? Easy. With our Hotel Gym Finder, you can find a hotel with specified gym equipment with a simple swipe on your smartphone. Visit HotelGyms.com today to find the best hotel gym on the Big Island of Hawaii, and get the workout started today! We help people to stay fit while traveling. 

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