March 5, 2024


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What are forums for? | Q COSTA RICA

Social engagement is an important metric for content success. Like any other page, forum pages are published from time to time on social networks. While we think of forums and social media as completely different platforms, combining the two can help us kill two marketing birds with one stone. But how?

If you only use social networks and instant messengers, then you will not be able to reach the maximum. Bloggers will certainly be glad to see you because they don’t need to buy Instagram followers. But there is no advantage to you.

Any forum is a good platform for promotion, because it is full of people eager to find answers. But if you focus on the topics that are frequently shared on social media, you’ll be sure to pick the best ones while adding another marketing channel at the same time.

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Find suitable forums

The search engine operators “intitle” and “inurl” are fine to find forums in your niche manually, but this can be time-consuming and produce irrelevant results. This online script finds relevant for the keywords your site is ranked for. You set the number of keywords in the corresponding field, and the script analyzes the top 100 results for those keywords that contain the word forum in the title or URL.

Some platforms can be useful for promoting and building natural links. You can stop at this point as you already have some links. Important!! The higher the position, the more likely the service is active and worthy of attention.

If you still think that it is enough for you to use social networks, then this is not so. Thanks to the forums, you don’t have to buy real Instagram followers for your account.

If you have at least one relevant forum URL, you can easily find even more with Serpstat’s competitor analysis tool. Competitors are websites with the same keywords, which usually means the same target audience. Pages with a lot of Facebook shares have a lot of marketing potential.

What to write there?

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Whichever strategy you choose — hidden marketing or open presentation of your website, remember that this service is based on experience and reasoning. Add value to the forum, be helpful and provide relevant advice, rather than just posting a link to your website in every random topic. Even if there are no strict rules, try not to send spam.

If you are giving advice that is not directly related to your product or site, make sure you set up a forum signature. This is where you can get creative (and self-promoting) as much as you want. Write something about yourself and what is special about your website. Think of a signature as a promotional line. Not all services allow you to have a signature or set limits, so make sure you follow the rules.

It is important to build a reputation on the platform. Sometimes this is displayed as the number of votes you received. The forum is a place where you can practice your skill in winning over people. The worst thing you can do is just add one post about your site to each thread and go.


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