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Treasure Quest Miniature Golf - Gatlinburg Attraction Review

Treasure Quest Miniature Golf – Gatlinburg Attraction Review

Miniature golf is a favorite activity for many who visit the Gatlinburg area. It’s a low stress, leisurely activity that is a great way to hang out with friends and family. There are a number of mini golf options in Gatlinburg. Today we discuss one of the best options in town – Treasure Quest Miniature Golf.

Treasure Quest

The theme of Treasure Quest is an Indiana Jones-style adventure with exotic characters, strange creatures, and of course, an explorer pushing a giant boulder. The lighting in the venue does a great job of creating a mysterious atmosphere. Some of the holes also utilize black lights, which adds a little to the difficulty.

Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest is an inside, 18-hole course. In terms of difficulty, this is a medium difficulty course. There are not an excessive amount of humps or obstacles on the course. If you can hit a golf ball in a somewhat straight line, you have a good chance at success.

Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest is probably not the right choice if you are looking to test your skill in a high difficulty environment. But it’s GREAT for those looking for some easy entertainment, or trying to keep kids entertained. This course isn’t so much about providing a challenging game as it is providing entertainment in a visually interesting environment. It is also located completely inside in a dark, cool building. Gatlinburg can get hot in the summertime, so if you are looking to beat the heat, this is a great option.

Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest Miniature Golf is located right on the main strip (Parkway). It is in the center of Parkway next to a jewelry seller. It is easy to find. It is also very easy to get to from Edgewater Hotel. Just cross over River Road, walk over to Parkway, and you’re there.

Treasure Quest

The address is:

653 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN

The attraction generally opens daily at 10:00AM, but hours may vary by season.