December 10, 2022


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Travel Nurse Career Guide: ICU Nursing & Jobs

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Nurses have their specialization, some may just be regular nurses, but some specialize in some field like ICU nurses. ICU nurses attend to patients who have critical conditions which means close monitoring and intensive care is needed. That’s why it’s called an ICU (Intensive care unit). An ICU nurse should be attentive and alert at all times. ICU Travel nurses are being hired and if you are one of them you can apply for the position of critical care travel nurse at Gifted Healthcare. They can give you an assignment and here are some Travel Nurse Career Guide: ICU Nursing & Jobs.

What Does An ICU Nurse Do?

ICU nurses are skilled nurses assigned to intensive care units where patients are critically ill.It is the ICU nurse’s responsibility to attend to them by giving them medications and assisting them in all their needs. That’s why being an ICU nurse requires knowledge, skill, patience and alertness. A busy and exhausting day is a typical day for an ICU travel nurse. Part from these other duties includes:

  • Doing Chart monitoring for Patients Condition.
  • Administer medication of patients.
  • Communicate with the patient’s family regarding the patient’s condition. 
  • Perform assessment and interventions. 

How To Become A ICU Travel Nurse?

To become an ICU nurse one should pass the licensure exam and should be a registered nurse. He should be a graduate of associate or bachelor of nursing from a legit School. Earning experience from an ICU assignment can be a good start to being an ICU nurse; most medical facilities prefer nurses with ICU experience. Gathering certificates to support your duty as an ICU nurse can also be a good credential, such as training on cardiac medicine or progressive care. Interacting with patients is also one of their responsibilities. 

What Is ICU Nursing Pay Like?

ICU nurses can earn an average of $34 and for travel ICU nurses they can earn more plus other benefits given by the travel nurse agency they are with. Salaries of ICU travel nurses are higher than regular nurses and other factors can also affect the amount of salary an ICU nurse can get such as location. Some states pay higher, especially for city capital. 

What Is The Working Environment For An ICU Travel Nurse?

Working in an ICU is challenging. You have to deal with patients, co nurses and doctors. There are times when you have to prove yourself that you know what you are doing, especially among travel nurses who jump from one facility to another, they have to earn the trust of patients and their co-workers since they are new and usually stay in each assignment for just a short period of time. In ICU there are machines and equipment and each nurse should be capable of using and operating them, so they can respond immediately in case of emergency.  

What Is The Demand For ICU Travel Nurses?

From the time the pandemic started the demands for nurses rose as well as their pay. Travel nurses have also increased since this is the best way to bridge the gap on scarcity of nurses to other places. Travel nursing jobs are now in demand everywhere and being a nurse is a good profession since you can grab the opportunity to work and travel at the same time. 

Are There Many Critical Care Travel Nurse Jobs Available?

Not only ICU nurses are being sought, but also all kinds of nurses are needed in every part of the world due to the pandemic season. That’s why more and more nurses are being motivated to work as a travel nurse and work under travel nurse agencies since more opportunities are offered here. 

Having knowledge on Travel Nurse Career Guide: ICU Nursing & Jobs can help you know more about what it’s like to be an ICU travel nurse, so you can prepare yourself in growing your career and at the same time grow as an individual as you travel the world. Travel nurse jobs are great opportunities to earn experiences, earn money and learn more skills as you work with different medical facilities all over the world. Grab this opportunity and see what you are capable of doing as a nurse.