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These are the Different Types of Guests | And the Worst Hotel Guests

These are the Different Types of Guests | And the Worst Hotel Guests

Kudos to all hoteliers around the globe for surviving yet another day of dealing with different types of hotel guests, including downright annoying ones. In this post, we look at some of the different types of hotel guests followed by a list of the most annoying and worst hotel guests.

Hoteliers have experienced witnessing different types of Hotel guests all the time.

While most of the guests are pleasing personalities, a few of them play spoilsport by disturbing everyone around.

Customer Service is extremely important in the hotel industry and is one of the success factors in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers thus need to ensure that they handle every guest type with utmost care.

Sure, hotels offer that relaxing and calming ambience, but once in a while worst guests graze the floor making everyone cringe even at the thought of their presence.

From elevator chatterbox to the fighting couples and every character in between, we present in this post 6 annoying different types of hotel guests hoteliers have to handle every day.

Different Types of Hotel Guests

Before we head on to the list of annoying guests, here we list the types of guests hotels can expect to host.

The common types of hotel guests include:

  • Backpackers
  • Family Travellers
  • Independent Travellers
  • International independent guests
  • Business Travellers
  • Senior Citizen (Domestic and International)

And several others like Lady travelling alone, guests travelling with pets etc.

And, not all hotel guests can necessarily be human. Here is one such example of a strange guest.

Have you heard about an interesting incident in Alaska? A story of an unwanted guest but surprisingly not annoying.

When employees in an Alaskan hotel went to check out a disturbance in their lobby, they got an unexpected guest.

Eddie Packer, The Aviator Hotel manager, said he saw a black bear looking in the hotel’s door.

Parker said the bear had looked into the two exit doors and then ran off across the parking lot toward the pool.

Although the bear was a bit startling for the folks there, the animal paid them no mind.

Parker said nobody got hurt, and everything was fine.

The bear was discovered in a spruce tree a little later by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Agency employees waited for the animal to climb down before they tranquillized and relocated him.

You must be a pro in ways to delight your guests and ways to impress your hotel guests.

As a hotelier, you never know who could be the next guest walking into your lobby.

These guests can belong to one of our most annoying guest categories. As a Hotelier, you need to approach everyone with a grin.

These guests could be anyone, from your beloved A-Lister celebrities and media personalities to CEOs and regular Joes.

Finally moving on to the compilation of categories of the worst hotel guests.

6 Types of Worst Hotel Guests

The hotel industry is a demanding industry with long working hours. Different types of hotel guests and their complaints make things even more difficult for hotel industry professionals.

Hotelmanagement.net, in one of its articles, mentions why we love to hate some of these worst hotel guests. So, let’s get on with the categories of guests we would want not to enter the hotel premises.

1. In-Room Partiers

In-room revellers are a nightmare for hoteliers and other guests. This type of worst hotel guest doesn’t know the difference between a club and a hotel.

For these party animals, in-room entertainment begins right after the last call in the bar.

According to a survey conducted by Expedia, over 50% of respondents found these revellers to be rude, and sometimes disrespectful.

While you encounter different types of hotel guests during your stay, this comes out to be the worst category of guests who spoil the fun of other guests and travellers.

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do but reach out to the help desk. If you are in luck, you might squeeze in a 2 am sleep.

2. The Elevator Blabbermouth

Brace yourself for a 2-minute rant all the way up to your 50th-floor hotel room.

As soon as the elevator door closes, you’ll get every gossip about the Kardashians and how the presidential campaign is in a rut.

If you just wanted a minute of peace, rest assured, these blabbermouths ensure you get to hear the most irritating tone en-route your room.

Elevator blabbermouths are certainly one of the most annoying hotel guests.

3. The Business Traveller – The relentless Boozer

Being on the road constantly isn’t easy. And the business traveller bears the biggest brunt.

That’s why it comes as no big surprise that most of these fellows tend to get sloshed more than not.

Unfortunately, more than 12% of people surveyed find drunk business travellers a teensy bit annoying.

The relentless boozers are the guys who ask for a room key while holding one right in their hands.

4. The Poolside Revellers

Imagine this: you only have a few days off, and you have been fantasizing about reading your favourite novel by the pool.

But, those plans can be squashed by a bunch of poolside partiers.

If this gets you super annoyed, you are not alone. More than 20% of guests find poolside partiers very annoying.

5. The Bickering Couples

It isn’t enough that they’ve bickered all through their dinner, they’ve to take it to their hotel room.

The worst part is that they are annoyingly loud. Super loud, making every guest a little edgy.

Too bad for you if the hotel doesn’t have decent sound insulation.

6. Loud Lovers

These are couples who disturb your night’s sleep with their constant loud amorous venture.

Even worse, they bring their PDA behaviour to public places where you are entertaining your kids.

Wrapping it all up

Here you go. A quick compilation of different types of guests followed by those who are a nightmare to hotel employees and fellow guests and travellers.

They are simply the worst hotel guests who annoy fellow guests and hotel employees.

No one wants to surround himself or herself with these annoying guests who might spoil the vacation or deflate the enthusiasm for the business tour.

If we have reignited some memories of hoteliers who might have encountered such guests, here are a few funny pictures related to hospitality to bring back smiles to your face.

Stay awesome!

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