July 17, 2024


It's time to think about Travel.

The Rise of Staycation Hotel Packages « Sabre Hospitality Solutions

Hotels occupy a unique space in travel today enabling guests to achieve a unique experience without having to venture long distances.

As parts of the Asia-Pacific region reopen, but business travel restrictions and international borders remain closed, the focus has shifted towards leisure travel – specifically intra-country leisure travel.

The good news? This leisure segment is filled with quarantine-fatigued individuals and families anxious to get out and create memories.

But, on the other side, health and safety concerns still weigh very heavy on travelers’ minds.

This is where the hospitality industry comes in.

Running a physical location means hotels have a high amount of control to oversee that pandemic protocols such as capacity limits, social distancing, and cleaning procedures are being done properly. Another benefit? Since hotels generally manage a large amount of property it creates a perfect setting to develop onsite activities and events.

Many hotels have taken notice of these advantages and launched staycation-themed offerings.

The Langham Sydney has a ‘Family Playcation’ offer that caters to those needing a getaway from their homes. The deal includes an overnight stay in connecting rooms, breakfast for four (two parents + two kids), valet parking, access to the hotel pool, gifts for the kids, and even includes one pet to join the fun for no additional charge.

For the foodies out there, Hilton Singapore has put together several food-centric and drink-centric packages. One standout is the ‘Steak-cation’ that provides guests with a 1-night stay that includes a steak dinner and 2-hours of free flow wine at their restaurant on property.

Similarly, The Hotel ICON in Hong Kong is targeting those looking for a food-centric experience through their ‘Foodcation’ package. The offer includes an overnight stay and various dining options to enjoy a customized experience at their onsite restaurants.

The Fairmont Singapore is offering a ‘Mumcation’ deal for mums that need a little rest and relaxation. In addition to a 1-night stay, this package includes many themed items and activities including a 90-minute massage, a loungewear set, and afternoon tea. This offer is even available for immediate purchase as a voucher – meaning no firm stay dates are needed to book.

Then there’s Taj Hotel’s ‘4D Travel Experience.’ The chain is highlighting to its regional audience that there is still plenty of Dreaming, Discovering and Delighting that can be had within Driving distance.

Hoteliers must continue to create valuable staycations that target regional travelers, whatever the approach is.

It is time to really get to know your new, more localized, target audiences. Learn their interests and needs during these times and create packaged offerings and a hotel environment that allows them to have a safe, and very much needed, vacation.