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The Best Gyms in Juneau, Alaska


Focusing on your fitness and wellbeing while traveling can help you feel your best to enjoy your trip to the fullest. And while nature provides the largest, most enjoyable gym in Juneau, sometimes the weather isn’t great to get out for a hike or you want to do some cross-training while you’re in town and need to find the best gyms in Juneau, Alaska.

Learn more about the gyms available and what to expect during your stay to ensure you are as comfortable and at home as possible.

gyms in Juneau

The Complete List of Gyms in Juneau, Alaska

Juneau has 4 traditional gyms along with several studios to help you practice yoga, Pilates and other group fitness activities. Here’s a look at the leading options for a traditional gym.

Pavitt Health & Fitness

This gym has the highest regard and reviews of any gym in Juneau. It gets 4.5. out of 5 stars from 54 reviews.

Plus, for those who are working odd hours or who want to spend all the daylight exploring Juneau that they possibly can, this is a 24/7 fitness center. If you’re staying in Juneau for a few months and need a gym during those months, Pavitt is also a great option because there’s no enrollment fee, meaning you can get a monthly membership without enormous costs upfront.

The fitness center also includes these outstanding amenities.

  • Individual TVs over cardio equipment to help you stay engaged and entertained
  • Life Fitness Pro Series exercise equipment
  • Squat racks and powerlifting platforms
  • A rotating climbing wall
  • Modern cycling studio
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Endless pool
  • Extensive options in the free weights and kettlebell section

The gym staff will also help orient you and demystify strength training machines and provide information on personal training and group workouts to help you get the most out of your membership. 

The Gym, LLC

This is another outstanding local gym that gets high ratings from existing customers. It has a 4.7-star rating on Google from 29 reviews. 

The Gym is located over J&J’s Deli, which means you can work out and then sample some of Juneau’s outstanding cuisine. Much like Pavitt, you’ll find 24/7 access to The Gym via keycard access.

You can get a day pass if you’ll only be in Juneau temporarily or purchase a short-term membership based on the number of visits you hope to make during your stay. Punch cards come in 11-visit or 22-visit options.

The Gym knows that many people come and go from Juneau for work and so it doesn’t have any enrollment fees or contracts. Memberships include one complimentary session with a personal trainer.

Classes at The Gym include:

  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Functional fitness
  • Group weight training

Tongass Fitness

With 4.9 out of 5 stars on 40 reviews, it’s no surprise that Tongass Fitness is another popular gym option in Juneau. The positive environment helps visitors feel welcomed and guides them toward achieving their goals.

The group fitness classes are always new and engaging to help you keep your workouts fresh and enjoyable. Unsure whether you want to join Tongass Fitness? You can attend a free intro workout on Saturday mornings to get a feel for the environment and what to expect.

If you enjoy a more traditional gym format with cardio machines and TVs, this might not be the right environment for you. It has more of a warehouse feel to it and focuses on giving members the space and freedom to move and do what they love.

You’ll find squat racks and benches, Astroturf, football sleds, rowing machines, a rope climbing station, and much more. Classes take place 4-5 times per day and you’ll need to book a spot in advance. You won’t find the 24/7 access as you do at other gyms, but you’ll also have a great opportunity to shake up your traditional workout routines.


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