June 23, 2024


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Should I Include Salary in a Job Ad? Yes!


We hear a lot of objections from employers about including pay in job advertisements: “We don’t want competitors to know our rates.” “We’ll lose our negotiating power.” “It might rustle current employees’ feathers.” The list goes on and on. But in a tough labor market, these objections are slowly becoming obsolete.

When employers are not upfront about salary, they end up recruiting with one hand tied behind their backs. When it comes to being upfront about pay, these benefits outweigh the perceived downsides:

  • Generates more applicant interest
  • Saves Time
  • Avoids Any EEOC Trouble
  • Builds Positive Employer Brand

Generates More Applicant Interest

Job ads that include a salary range see a significant increase in application rates. Why? It is a large part of why job seekers are looking for opportunities! Many online platforms will prioritize postings with pay over those without, which helps you stand out from the noise of the current hiring scramble in hospitality.

Saves Everyone Time

Busy hiring managers shouldn’t waste their time interviewing candidates whose salary needs can’t be met. If a candidate is truly interested in the role, they’ll probably do some research on your company and find out what to expect anyway. So why not save everyone valuable time and be upfront about it?

Avoids Any EEOC Trouble

A variety of EEOC laws and acts aim to eliminate pay inconsistency due to discrimination. While you probably have no intention of creating pay disparities within your organization, it can still happen. An upfront approach to salary is the best way to eliminate any appearances of non-compliant hiring practices.

Builds Positive Employer Brand

If a company is not willing to disclose salary upfront, jobseekers may wonder, “What else are they hiding?”. They will probably actively seek more information, leading them to sources that may present skewed views, like Glassdoor. Assure job seekers that you are a trustworthy employer upfront to get them excited to work for you.

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