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Pros & Cons If You Are Considering A Destination Wedding


Planning a wedding, in general, is tough, and a destination wedding has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

One person’s pro is another person’s con, a destination wedding might just be the right kind for you if you see more positives than negatives, as any wedding has both. Especially the planning process and the finances involved.

Without a doubt, a destination wedding is an excuse to take a vacation, but it might bar some people from being able to come. Similar to how you will have dreamy and gorgeous photos, planning a wedding abroad is naturally harder than from the comfort of your own town.

Review these destination wedding pros and cons to make an informed decision about whether it is the right wedding style for you.


10 Con: Travel Costs

Whenever talking about weddings, pros and cons, and stress, the first thing to always come up is money without skipping a beat.

Weddings are expensive, it doesn’t matter if you have it in your backyard or plan a big white wedding, it is a cost.

While the cost of a destination wedding varies, as it can cost an arm and a leg or be cheaper than some local venues, the unavoidable cost is travel. If planning a destination wedding, try to have it during the off-season when flights are less expensive, but then you deal with the cons of fewer people being able to take a vacation in off-months.

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9 Pro: Vacation Mode

The general vibe of a destination wedding is vacation mode, and that means for you too. What a way to kick off getting married but with an extended honeymoon that includes your wedding in a dreamy destination. 

Be flexible, it is okay if things go wrong because you are all on vacation anyways!

8 Con: Fewer People Will Attend

The biggest downside about a destination wedding without a doubt is fewer people are able to attend them due to conflicting schedules, not having enough PTO or a budget for a round-trip international ticket.

If you do decide on a destination wedding, be okay with fewer people attending the benefit is it will be more intimate. You can find ways to celebrate with the ones back at home when you return that is still meaningful.

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7 Pro: Dreamy Atmosphere

Why do people have a destination wedding? One of the top reasons is the atmosphere, when you go abroad there is little need for further decoration because you can get married in a castle, in a beautiful island cove or among rolling wineries.

From the photos to the event itself, it will be spectacularly dreamy.

6 Con: Costs Vary

The costs for a destination wedding can vary drastically. Some destinations truthfully are of the same cost or less expensive than many venues in the U.S., popular destinations include Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal, but many more people are starting to head to South East Asia as well.

What makes up for a less expensive venue, is the travel costs, and your guests will surely complain about that one.

5 Pro: Vacation With All Your Loved Ones

Why not get married and remember this beginning of a new chapter forever by having a vacation with your entire family and close friends? The idea does sound fun, and there are few times in your life that people will come through for you like that.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime moment to get married and make it a vacation you will never forget. Plus for those who love to travel, you get to start the honeymoon earlier.

4 Con: Planning Logistics From Abroad

Planning a wedding is stressful enough in your own backyard, literally, it can be difficult to do so when you are battling time zones, cultural differences, language barriers and more.

If you do go with a destination wedding, make sure to either hire a wedding planner who is in your chosen location, or who has a lot of experience planning weddings in that location. A wedding coordinator will also be a helpful hire, make sure to budget it in.

3 Pro: Amazing Photos

Without a doubt, your destination wedding will have the most incredible photos with rolling Tuscan hills in the background or the blue and white houses of Santorini.

Make sure to hire a photographer to snap shots on the big day, and any other wedding-related event to take advantage of the amazing locations.

2 Con: Language Barriers

Keep in mind that when planning a wedding in another country, things can get lost in translation. While many people who work in the wedding planning industry speak English, bear in mind some of the best venues may not as they are more local or secluded.

Be ready to be patient and navigate cultural and language differences.

1 Pro: Experience Something Extra Special

From having an international cuisine at your wedding that you maybe will never have tried before, to seeing beautiful landmarks and historic sites, going abroad is always an exciting and memorable experience.

Deciding to do so for your wedding will be an experience that you will never forget, and full of newness.

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