June 12, 2024


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PropertyTok: A Gift or a Curse?

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Released in 2016, the app TikTok seems to have taken over our lives- especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, as people resorted to the popular app as a means of entertainment. Now, the app has more than 1 billion users worldwide, and is quickly on its way to becoming the most dominant social media platform- leapfrogging over Twitter and Snapchat with ease. Originally known for its comedy and dance-related content, the app is being increasingly used to provide educational videos and a way for business owners to make content relating to their sector.

In the UK the average age of TikTok users is between 18-24, so it’s not surprising that property related content (also known as PropertyTok) has become a huge hit. It directly accommodates to the demographic of first-time property buyers, and the app has become rife with homeowner tips, advice and entertainment videos that revolve around house flipping, renovations and tours. 

PropertyTok is an established and valuable tool for estate agents that are hoping to catch the attention of Generation Z, and if you’re still intrigued into the world of PropertyTok, We Buy Any House have all the answers to your questions… 

Why Do Estate Agents/Landlords Use PropertyTok?

Ranging from a 3 second to a 1-minute video, Tik Tok is a great way to produce short videos that advertise and get straight to the point. It’s a platform designed to cater for influencer marketing, content creators, and the rich and famous to gain views and therefore an income from the app. The app uses product placement, branding, viral content and soft-selling techniques to achieve results.

Creating videos titled things such as ‘what does £1.2 million get you in East Central London?’ is an excellent way to showcase a property company’s personal brand, in addition to listing the properties you are selling. The intrigue of property is one that most people take an interest in, and the chance to virtually snoop around multi-million-pound houses, or watch a whole house renovation in 3 seconds to a minute gives your video a chance of going viral. Popularity on Tik Tok creates more organic traffic to your website which leads to more sales and ultimately, more money.

What Are the Pros of Using PropertyTok?

Using TikTok to promote your brand is essentially a golden opportunity. Making videos without the use of a film crew enables you to produce content without expenses…content that can grow your brand’s popularity. The TikTok hashtag #realestateinvesting has had 68.5 million views- which is a huge audience. If your video was to go viral on TikTok, it could enable you to create a new community of potential buyers- and although the app focuses on a younger demographic; your audience is limitless.

PropertyTok can cover any property-based content using sounds, hashtags and animations- and is perfect for your social media presence, branding, influence, and broadening your property portfolio.

Are There Any Cons of Using TikTok for Property?

As with any social media platform, there is always the risk of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ effect. People rarely show their property ‘fail’ or setbacks regarding a project’s completion. TikTok can create the illusion of ease with everything- so if you are inspired by the app, ensure to do your own individual research beforehand. TikTok generally focuses on light-hearted, comical content, so if this is not the aim of your brand, you run the risk of appearing unprofessional.

In addition to this, the notion of advertising on TikTok presents criticism over data collection. Casting a wide advertising net hinders ability to reach a defined target market, so may produce problems for your company data. TikTok places emphasis on influencer marketing over paid advertising, so influencers will majorly have the upper hand when it comes to pushing their own personal products on the app.

Who Should You Follow on PropertyTok?

  • Tatiana Londono/ @tatlondono

Tatiana Londono is a real estate coach, broker and investor with over 1.4 million followers. Her content covers various property-related topics and are aimed at individuals who aim to achieve success in their real estate careers. Tatiana’s video categories include property hustles, millionaire tips and real estate agent success.

  • Daniel Heider/ @heider_realestate

With over 2.6 million followers, Daniel’s property content has taken the app by storm. He is a real estate broker who shares videos that highlight his success in selling luxury homes and properties. Daniel typically focuses on fast-paced home tours that are available on the market.

  • Inspector AJ/ @inspector_AJ

AJ is a professional home inspector, who’s videos focus on property investigation and the failures behind real estate. His 658,400 followers engage with his fun content that also provides advice of what to expect during a home inspection.

  • Stevie Soucie/ @steviesoucie

Stevie is a real estate coach and mentor, who creates videos for her 72,600 followers. Mixing serious content with fun tips, Stevie’s content is targeted at newer real estate agents and female real estate agents, and has videos titled ‘how to protect yourself as a woman real estate agent’.
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