June 23, 2024


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New Branson Duck Excursions system to open Spring 2021

BRANSON, Mo. – Branson Duck Tours, LLC has introduced its return to Branson, which is predicted sometime in Spring 2021.

In a Fb statement unveiled Thursday, the firm explained,

“We had been coronary heart broken by the tragedy in 2017, exactly where questionable gear and strategies charge the life of 17 persons. We have been also unhappy that we would no longer be ready to expertise Branson on a exclusive duck tour. Duck tours have been a great experience for visitors and a staple of Branson for many years. Immediately after the tragedy, we no more time felt harmless getting our families on DUWKs created for war and created-in 1946. The awesome Hydra-Terra was the safe and sound alternative we had been looking for. It is the only state-of-the-art amphibious tour bus specially designed and developed for harmless duck excursions. The Hydra-Terra has been a tested performer with profitable functions in 27 nations around the world around the globe. The Hydra-Terra is the only Coastline Guard permitted “T” Vessel with groundbreaking, positive-buoyancy foam-loaded compartments.
The structure has established to be UNSINKABLE by the US Coast Guard. All through Coastline Guard tests, the drain plugs have been taken out from a Hydra-Terra and the engine area was totally flooded. The Hydra-Terra ongoing to float safely with out any drinking water entering the passenger compartment!
With this revolutionary products and new security treatments, Branson Duck Excursions is energized to announce we will commence offering harmless duck excursions in the Spring of 2021.”

On July 19, 2018, Extend Duck 7 sank on Desk Rock Lake killing 17 folks. Ripley Entertainment Inc. closed down the Branson place considering that then.

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