December 8, 2023


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Luxury hotel creates rooms specifically designed for allergy-prone guests

A luxury hotel has unveiled new ‘hypoallergenic rooms’ where everything from the bedding to the wallpaper has been designed with the allergy-prone guest in mind.

We’re talking allergy-friendly pillows, purified air, and fabrics designed so they don’t release allergens into the air.

The Four Seasons Singapore is behind the unique rooms, which open for bookings this month, and they really have thought of everything.

For a start, the room itself uses breathable wall coverings which contain anti-fungal and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) properties, while portable HEPA and UV air filters help to purify the air that guests breathe.

One of the hypoallergenic rooms at the Four Seasons Singapore hotel
One of the hypoallergenic rooms at the Four Seasons Singapore

As for the furniture? Fabrics for the upholstery and blinds are low VOC to stop allergens being released into the air.

Allergy-prone holidaymakers can sleep easy too – quite literally, thanks to the hypoallergenic pillows, mattresses and bedding which is also covered with dust-mite covers. Oh, and when it comes to washing the bedding, staff will use specific cleaning methods.

This is a luxury hotel, so of course there’s some pampering to be had in the room courtesy of Rerum Natura toiletries. They’re free of parabens, isothiazolinones, sls-sles, gmos, silicones, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colourants, and are vegan-friendly too.

A view of a bathroom with a marble tub and two sinks in the Four Seasons Singapore's hypoallergenic room
Everything has been designed with allergy-prone guests in mind

So, why create a hypoallergenic room?

Peter C Draminsky, Regional Vice President and General Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, explained in a statement: “We believe these completely Hypoallergenic Rooms are a warm welcome, and a relief, for guests who seek accommodation that better meets their health and wellness needs. From families to couples and individuals, sleeping and breathing easy is a luxury everyone can now enjoy.”

Of course while the room has been designed to be hypoallergic, it can’t guarantee to be completely allergy free – but the hotel is definitely upping the stakes when it comes to minimising risk!

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