September 30, 2023


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Kona Craft Kitchen in Dublin a new top-tier dining establishment


G.A. Benton

Blackened hangar steak with a Pina Fresca cocktail from Kona Craft Kitchen

Through a speaker on the modest but wonderful patio of Kona Craft Kitchen area, I read Kurt Vile sing, “I am emotion much as well several inner thoughts/Simultaneously, at these kinds of a rapid clip,” in the offhand model of that fast-witted musician. This happened amid rosy twilight when a experienced and personable server whisked away dinnerware that had contained a bracing, scrumptious cocktail and a fantastic fish dish. Vile’s lyrics all of a sudden seemed on the nose. 

Even now, the title of that wistful Vile tune — “Wild Imagination” — gave me pause times afterwards. Immediately after much more visits beneath distinctive situations (after with a huge team) and having incredibly fantastic ordeals, albeit not as fantastic as my very first take a look at, I knew it wasn’t my wild creativeness: Kona Craft Kitchen, 6757 Longshore Travel, Dublin, is a top rated-tier new cafe. 


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