October 1, 2023


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How to Make Your House Warmer This Winter

As far as the inhabitants of the UK are concerned, the UK is becoming one of the costliest places to live. Earlier this year in April, the UK government raised the price of energy bills for homeowners across the country- and it doesn’t seem that we’re out of the woods just yet. From the first of October, energy bills are set to hike up once again, much to the disbelief of many UK residents. The issue is being blamed on the ongoing war in the Ukraine, and now finally, the impact of the Russian invasion is being felt by people across the UK. Now, people across the UK are concerned that they are going to have a huge challenge in front of them over these next few months, as they look to alternative ways in order to keep their houses warm. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your house warmer this winter.

Your Curtains Are Your Best Friend:

If you want to get all science-y, then your curtains are going to be your best friend throughout the colder months. Throughout the day when the sun is shining, it’s important that you open your curtains and blinds and let in as much of the sunshine as possible to heat up the room. Then, when it gets dark, shut the curtains and the heat will essentially become trapped in the room and create warmth.

Move Your Furniture:

Before you ask- no, we don’t mean just rearranging your furniture for the fun of it. Having your sofa pressed up against your radiator isn’t going to do anything for the heat that is trying to be emitted from your sofa. You need to give the hot air space to rise and circulate around the room freely. Moving your furniture away from the radiator will work wonders for the time when you do have your heating on.

Block Any Draughts:

You will be surprised how quickly heat can escape from various spaces, especially if you have small cracks in your doors and walls. Therefore, it’s great to get a draught excluder- which will not only keep you nice and toasty, but also alleviate the need for you to put the heating on. Experts state that by draught-proofing your home, you could save up to £25 on your heating bills per year- every little counts!

Wear Extra Layers:

If the weather isn’t too cold outside, then why not spare yourself from putting the heating on and just add a few extra layers to your outfit? All too quickly do we reach for the heating switch, when really, we could just add a few layers. Invest in some fluffy bed socks and some throwers as a way to keep yourself nice and warm.

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