September 29, 2023


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How To Download Covid Vaccine Certificate Using Aadhaar Number?

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While India was recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic’s second wave, the government had successfully administered the recommended vaccination doses to every member of the populace. It is advised to download a certificate to verify your vaccination as soon as you are finished. The entire procedure can be completed online and using your Aadhaar number, you can download the certificate from CoWIN. Make sure you get yourself adequate health insurance that covers Covid costs.

With the onset of Covid-19, vaccination has become a crucial step in the fight against this pandemic. In India, the government has made it mandatory to get vaccinated and provides a vaccine certificate as proof of vaccination. The certificate contains important information, including the name of the vaccine, the date of vaccination, and the recipient’s details. However, many people are unsure how to download their vaccine certificate using their Aadhaar number. In this context, this article aims to provide a simple guide on how to download the Covid vaccine certificate using the Aadhaar number.

How to Use an Aadhaar Number to Download a Vaccination Certificate from Digilocker? 

Aadhaar, a 12-digit unique identity number for Indian citizens that is based on their biometric and demographic information, was introduced by the Indian government. It is a crucial form of government identification in India. You can download the certificate from the CoWIN portal using your Aadhaar number once you have finished the first dose of the COVID vaccine. This will only include information on your first dose and the deadline for your second dose. But, if you download it after receiving both doses, the certificate will include general information about your vaccination. 

Confirming your immunisation status, especially when travelling, is made easier by downloading your certificate from CoWIN. You need to have the Digilocker app in order to download your certificate from CoWIN using your Aadhar card. It was developed by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to manage its digital initiatives. You can finish this process with the aid of the subsequent steps. 

Step 1: Install the Digilocker app on your device by downloading it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store. 

Step 2: After you launch this app, you will be prompted to finish the registration process. Name, gender, date of birth, security PIN, Aadhaar number, and phone number should all be entered. 

Step 3: Choose the “Central Government” tab. From the drop-down option, choose “Ministry of Family Health and Welfare”. 

Step 4: Locate the “Vaccine Certified” option on this new page. After that, select the “Vaccine Certificate link” found here. 

Input your 13-digit Beneficiary Reference ID in the final step.

Step 5. Your immunisation certificate will then be available for download in PDF format. 

As a result, utilising your Aadhaar number to download the certificate from CoWIN is a straightforward process. It primarily necessitates the installation of the Digilocker programme, as this post pointed out. With all the data on your Aadhar card, you may quickly download your CoWIN certificate from this app. It will verify your immunisation history. 

Downloading the Covid vaccine certificate using an Aadhaar number is a simple and easy process that can be completed online. By following the steps mentioned earlier, one can download their vaccine certificate using their Aadhaar number. It is important to note that vaccination is a crucial step towards protecting oneself and others from Covid-19, and it is essential to take it seriously. Stay protected with health insurance against Covid.

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