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How to apply for a Singapore visa in Nigeria

How to apply for a Singapore visa in Nigeria

apply for singapore visa in nigeria

Singapore has been one of the desired nations by many Nigerian. This post will feature the step by step method of applying for a Singapore visa in Nigeria. Over the past few years, Singapore has welcomed millions of tourists from various countries including Nigerians who desire to visit the Asian nation. This is mainly in search of better opportunities, luxurious vacations and an experience of terraces and attractions in the country. To visit Singapore, you need a visa, here’s how to apply for a Singapore visa in Nigeria.

Singapore in Asia is bordered on the equator by Malaysia, Indonesia and China with islands and oceans. The Republic of Singapore is in Southeast Asia with innovations, financial hubs and game reserves.

Read on to discover the amazing features of Singapore and how to apply for a visa to enter the country.

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How to apply for a Singapore visa in Nigeria

Reasons to select Singapore as a travel destination

These are some of the reasons why you may consider a Singapore visa application in Nigeria

Distinct Cultural Heritage

Singapore has a unique cultural heritage which is evident in the lifestyle and even attractions in the country. Also, the culture of Singapore combines four major ethnic groups. The official language in this Asian country is English language.

Standard Healthcare System

The health care system in Singapore is responsible for the high quality of life, groundbreaking developments in health care, low maternal mortality rate and many more. Residents have health insurance coverage provided by the government to ease access to health care services.


As the main force in any nation’s economy, education is one of the highly valued sectors. Thus, Singapore has one of the best institutions in the world, from early childhood education to university studies.


Tourism is a part of Singapore that is highly developed over the years. No wonder it has attracted millions of tourists every year. The destinations in Singapore are constantly upgraded with the best technology and facilities to keep meeting the needs of visitors.


Luxury should be another name for Singapore, which happens to have high-class attractions and lifestyles. The city is richly presented with magnificence and wealth, which qualifies it as a luxurious vacation spot for affluent travellers.

Economic Development

Singapore has a thriving economy with a low unemployment rate. The country has job opportunities in the manufacturing, financial and tourism industries.

Moreover, Singapore is a business centre that majors in cargo exports of engines and electronic devices via the seaport. Singapore generates annual revenue of hundreds of thousands of dollars from tourism and business interactions.


Singapore is a developed country with infrastructural developments in transportation, facilities, buildings and many more government projects.

Also, there are projections to preserve the earth with technology and mind-blowing innovations around Singapore.

Safety and Security

Singapore is a peaceful nation with strict laws that not only protect but direct the legal affairs of the country. The residents are friendly and law-abiding citizens. This has classified Singapore as the second most peaceful nation in the world.

The security of lives and properties is one very much appreciated impact of the law enforcement agencies in Singapore.

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Fabulous places to tour in Singapore

Singapore is a country with the third highest population is leading as well in glamorous and mind-blowing sceneries. Some of the places you need to visit when you are in Singapore are;

  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Universal Studios
  • Orchard Road
  • Singapore Zoo
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Merlion
  • Sentosa Islands
  • Clarke Quay
  • Trick Eye Museum
  • Singapore Flyer
  • ArtScience Museum, Singapore
  • Night Safari Nocturnal Wildlife Park
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Do Nigerians need a visa to travel to Singapore

Yes, Nigerians require a visa to travel to Singapore. It can be applied for at a Singapore high commission in Nigeria.

Types of Singapore visas available to Nigerians

These are the types of Singapore visas in Nigeria.

Tourist Visa

The Singapore tourist visa is given to travellers who want to visit Singapore for tourism or holiday visits. Therefore, you can only stay in Singapore for 30-90 days and can only enter the country once when you are issued the visa.

Also, you are to apply for a permit card online when applying for a tourist visa, plus you should do this at least one month before your proposed travel date.

Student Visa

For individuals seeking to study in Singapore, you are to apply for a student visa on the immigration and checkpoint authority (ICA) of the Singapore website.

The visa is valid throughout the duration of academic activities. You need to present an admission letter from the institution or scholarship clearance in case of sponsorship.

Business Visa

Suppose you desire to visit Singapore for business deals. In that case, you can apply for a business visa which has a duration of 30-90 days. The business visa is to be submitted with vital business documents including a travel plan.

Furthermore, if you have lived in Singapore for some time, you can apply for a visa to stay. You can also be sponsored to relocate to Singapore by the inviting firm or company if you have landed a job there.

 The Singapore Permit Card

Along with visa applications, Nigerians are required to apply for a permit card to gain entry into Singapore. The card is registered for and issued online no less than five days before your departure date.

Also, you must have the permit card known as the “SGAC- Singapore Arrival Card” and not assume that you can replace it with a visa.

Therefore, you must provide basic information online like your full name, travel itinerary, passport, date of birth, telephone number and email address to complete the online application.

How to apply for a Singapore visa in Nigeria

Cost of Singapore visa

The Singapore visa costs $30 for Nigerians, you can pay online with a credit or debit card.

Documents required to apply for a Singapore visa

Valid International Passport

Your passport should be valid and not damaged. It should not be due to expire in six months pending your application and travel.

Also, the International passport should have free spaces for visa stamps.

Two Passport photographs

Singapore has policies for passport photographs. Your photo should be clear, recent at least 3 months, have a white background and should not be more than 2MB in size.

Also, you are to display a proper facial expression and view, with no use of dark shades or contact lenses.

Completed application form

The downloaded form should be filled out as necessary, looking out for every detail. Duplicate copies of the application form should be made ready as well.

Visa fee payment receipt

Once you have paid for your visa, you should get your receipt and make duplicate copies.

Criminal Record approval

Evidence that you are not a criminal nor have an ongoing police investigation case.

Business tax form

For business owners, you should have

a statement of your tax payments which should be photocopied and submitted.

Company registration status

Proof that your company is registered and provides legal services.

Evidence of account statement

Your bank statement should reflect transaction inflow and outflow for the length of six months.

Lodging reservations

You need a place to stay, therefore, Singapore immigration expects that you have booked a hotel room or you provide an invitation letter if you will be staying with a relative or friend.

Return flight ticket

In return, you need to reserve a flight ticket in which you will show proof along with your documents submitted.

Yellow Fever vaccination card

Yellow fever vaccination applies to individuals who have toured certain countries in West Africa for at least one year before visiting Singapore.

Travel plans

A list of activities you will engage in Singapore should be provided along with places to be visited and the duration of your stay.

Statement of travel intentions

This covers why you want to visit Singapore and what you intend to do there.

Letter from sponsor/ invitation letter

If you have been sponsored either by a firm, relative or educational institution. You need to show evidence in a letter. This letter should contain the contact details of your sponsor and how they plan to care for you throughout your stay in Singapore.

Be informed that individuals less than 21 years of age cannot stand as sponsors for you.


Conditions for a successful Singapore visa application

To successfully apply for a Singapore visa, you must understand that accuracy and promptness matter. However, there are ideal conditions in place which you must not disregard, which includes;

Selection of the main visa category that applies to your country.

Certain countries have been grouped based on how their citizens need to apply for a visa to Singapore. This includes countries that do not need to apply for a visa and also the duration of stay allowed.

Hence, Nigerians need to identify that Nigeria is classified under the second level of people who need a travel visa. This will require that her citizens get a tourist visa and a permit card to enter Singapore.

Application for an entry card which must be approved along with a visa request

The Singapore entrance card is very important, especially for Nigerians applying for a visa. You cannot replace this with a visa but the application is easy to process online.

Accurate submission of information

When applying for a Singapore visa in Nigeria, it is advisable to do it correctly and submit valid data. Your information will be reviewed by the immigration officers, if it is not accurate, you will not get a visa.

Application with the correct documents

Documents to apply for a Singapore visa must be genuine, not falsified or doctored. You are to give the right documents as your application progresses and it should have legal backing.

No falsification

Since every information submitted will be reviewed by the appropriate authorities, falsifying details such as biodata, birth documents or marriage documents and so on is illegal. Besides, when discovered, you can not be issued a Singapore visa.

Health examination

Ideally, you can be told to submit a vaccination card or visit an approved health facility and run medical examinations.

Singapore visa in Nigeria

General Singapore visa processing time

Generally, the time of application for a Singaporean visa and approval is about a day to 5 days. Time varies based on complex situations and needs to provide extra documents in some cases for clarity.

Address of Singapore Embassy in Nigeria

Singapore has a consulate in Nigeria, responsible for visa application services. It is located at; NIPOST Towers, Block A, 6th Floor

1/3 Ologun Agbaje street, Victoria Island.

Therefore, you can visit this consulate every day of the week asides from weekends from 9 am to 4 pm. Your visa need will be attended to.

Steps to Apply for a Singapore Visa in Nigeria 

Step 1: Download Your Visa Application Form

You need to visit the immigration and checkpoint authority(ICA) website in Singapore to download the form.

Step 2: Complete the form yourself and sign where necessary

First, note that you are to fill out the form yourself and include detailed information where necessary.

Step 3: Arrange valid documents to be submitted at the embassy

Photocopies of documents are needed, which you have to compile and submit for further processing at the embassy in Nigeria.

Step 4: Pay your visa fees

The $30 visa fee should be paid with a credit or debit card online. The receipt generated should be printed out with multiple photocopies.

Step 5: Visit the Singapore consulate in Nigeria to submit your application form and documents

You are to schedule a visit to the Singapore consulate to submit the completed form and other valid documents. Thus, be aware of the available days that are not weekends and public holidays.

Step 6: Await the decision of the embassy within 3-5 business days.

You should get a verification mail within 5 days of application and you can then pick up your visa.

Step 7: Receive your visa once the application is successful

Your visa is available and you should get it at the embassy once you get the prompt.

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Singapore visa denial- what to do about it

If your visa application is denied, you need to study the reason for this carefully before you reapply if necessary. Also, you can send an email to the Singapore consulate or visit the place to present your complaints.

To avoid visa denial, you need to do things right. Singapore visa is relatively easy to apply for thus, getting experienced help from a travel agency is much more likely to give you a successful application process.

Visa extension

Singapore visa can be extended if you discover the urgent need to remain in the country for extra days. However, you should apply for a visa addition before your current visa expires.

Need a Trusted and Experienced Travel Consultant

Need A Trusted Travel Agency For Your Singapore Visa in Nigeria? Kindly contact Travelwaka 

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