June 23, 2024


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Friendship derailed when pandemic interrupts travel plans | Advice


Pricey ABBY: A expensive good friend of lots of a long time is now not talking to me. She not long ago moved from California to Denver and had invited me to pay a visit to. We agreed on the dates, and I took time off work and booked the flights. A lot less than two months prior to my arrival, she abruptly canceled the stop by, expressing no regrets or issue for no matter if I would be equipped to get a refund from the airline.

She indicated that for the reason that I was not comfortable with the not long ago lifted mask mandates and other COVID precautions in her condition and want to go on to keep away from indoor eating, bars, etc., that she required to “postpone for a number of months,” when we may well be capable to enjoy far more functions. When I expressed damage inner thoughts at being disinvited, she turned offended and ceased interaction. Is this friendship over? How ought to I continue?


Dear Threat-AVERSE: I am not absolutely sure why your mate turned indignant and canceled your take a look at, unless of course she experienced planned pursuits that would consider area in dining establishments, theaters, and so forth. I am also puzzled that she ought to conclude a friendship of numerous several years about it. Because this is recent, give her a tiny additional time to amazing off. Then increase an olive branch and see if she has put this unfortunate episode in standpoint.

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