December 5, 2023


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Final Destination Creator Teases New Film Debuts a New Formula for the Franchise


The Ultimate Location franchise is continuing on streaming, with Closing Location 6 set to be a franchise reboot on HBO Max. The new Final Vacation spot was co-written and will be manufactured by Spider-Guy Residence Trilogy director Jon Watts, doing the job together with writers Lori Evans Taylor (Bed Relaxation) and Male Busick (Ready or Not, Scream 2022). Final Spot franchise shepherd Craig Perry is also associated as a producer on the new film – but according to the most recent tease by sequence creator Jeffrey Reddick,Ultimate Destination 6 will actually be a reboot in the sense that it will debut a whole new method for the franchise! 

Even though Reddick will not be involved in Ultimate Destination 6 (he conceived and wrote the first film, and did the story for the next movie), he does know a little bit about what Craig Perry has planned for it, and was able to tease some of that to Dread Central:  

“The great thing is Craig Perry – who… I phone ‘the godfather of the project’ – he’s often saved me in the loop of what is heading on. And I did in fact speak to the screenwriters… they were being very curious… they wanted to discuss to me and just sort of get some insights into what I believed was vital to the Ultimate Place franchise and some suggestions and things like that. Yeah, I had a very amazing discussion with them – I’m really excited with the story that I can’t convey to you about (laughs).”

That is when Reddick gave enthusiasts at least a little taste of some new details, with regards to how the vaunted ‘rules of death’ the Closing Spot franchise was developed on may possibly be altering for this future film: 

“I will say that it truly is not just going to be a different sort of ‘we established up a group of people, they cheat demise, and then just demise will get them.’ And there is one wrinkle that we kind of included to each movie to type of like alter it up a tiny bit: this one particular is… a true Closing Vacation spot motion picture, but it won’t adhere to that form of formula that we’ve type of proven… I feel I can say that much.” 


As Reddick alludes to: Closing Location received rather convoluted in its later installments, taking the very simple Rube Goldberg Device structure of “Demise” dispatching victims and turning it into an entire much larger puzzle, in which each installment inevitably led back all over to the first film, with Final Place 5 getting a shock prequel. It was a great deal to maintain up with – not to point out the new regulations that Reddick mentioned, like survivors killing other survivors in buy to have demise “skip” them. 

That’s all to say: a whole new established of regulations feels welcome, at this level. 

Final Destination 6 is in growth for HBO Max. 


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