June 15, 2024


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Everything you need to know about hotel star ratings

Hotel star rating systems can sometimes seem confusing or arbitrary. But they are traditionally relied upon by guests looking to make the best accommodation choices.

Here’s everything you need to know about hotel star rating systems – what they mean, how they work and how they might apply to your hotel.

What is a hotel star rating?

Hotel star ratings are an internationally-accepted indicator of a hotel’s quality, cleanliness and standards. The higher the star rating the more you can expect from the hotel, with one star hotels offering a no frills stay and a five star hotel providing a high-end luxury experience.

Why is a rating system for hotels important?

A hotel star rating is an independent and objective grading, so it’s a reliable system that helps guests understand what they can reasonably expect when staying at a hotel.

A common understanding about the quality of a hotel also makes it easier for guests to compare hotels and make booking decisions. For example, guests might want to understand which five star hotel is most affordable? Or whether it’s worth it to pay extra for a five star hotel compared to a three star hotel. The star information facilitates these comparisons and decisions.