March 1, 2024


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Dale’s Excess Place: ‘Free speech only travels on a one-way street’

“The speech and the protest that we concur with, perfectly that’s a cherished proper in The us. The speech and the protest we you should not, properly now that has to halt.”

The Kentucky Basketball Team took a knee all through the nationwide anthem very last week in their protest against the riot in Washington D.C., and now they’re the bad men. 

Proving nevertheless again, as it has usually been, no cost speech only travels on a 1-way avenue.

The speech and the protest that we agree with, very well which is a cherished right in The us. The speech and the protest we don’t, perfectly now that has to prevent.

Let’s choose just get a moment, Kentucky basketball gamers protesting the riot in D.C. by kneeling quietly and peacefully right before a match, or you can protest and make your voice listened to by executing the rioting. 

I’m gonna have to feel about that a bit. 

A Kentucky sheriff burned his college T-shirts in protest for the reason that burning anything you disagree about happens in all the finest international locations.

That similar sheriff suggests the Kentucky gamers disrespected the American flag and nevertheless he has claimed absolutely nothing and burned almost nothing about the mob who made use of that very same flag to conquer a law enforcement officer.

Maybe we should really choose a minute and consider about that

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