June 23, 2024


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8 Exciting Activities To Do In Cotswolds While On Vacation

13 Best Things To Do in the Cotswolds Right Now

Cotswolds is the famous for its outstanding natural beauty. It’s a popular attractive place, seeing its rich history, tradition, and culture. Spending a holiday in the Cotswolds, England, allows you to explore lots of activities and your options are endless. But which are the most exciting pursuits to do?

Here are the eight fun activities to do in the Cotswolds:

1. See the views at Cleeve hill

You can’t leave Cotswolds without walking up Cleeve hill’s top. It’s a circular walk of approximately 6 miles but with easy to moderate terrains. You can make it more exciting by packing a picnic and enjoying the surreal sunset.

2. Walk the Cotswold way

The Cotswold way is a famous and exciting route through the region’s most scenic spots and well-known ancient sites. The walk will cover a distance of 100 miles, starting at the sources of the Thames. If you like hiking, the Cotswold way is your iconic hiking route will lots of spectacular views.

3. Stay overnight in the castle

Spending a night in LTR castles should top your list of activities. If you’re spending the holiday with your family, you will have the option of manors and mansions, and you can plan a family occasion such as a party. Other features include an outdoor pool, sauna, tennis courts, and a ballroom.

4. Visit the Cotswold falconry

The Cotswold falconry center is an activity like no other for your vacation. You’ll meet and handle amazing raptors and watch owls flying free, and it’s a learning activity of how different birds prey. If you’re an animal lover, Cotswold falconry is a lifetime experience. 

5. Visit Batsford Arboretum in autumn

Cotswold is a famous arboretum home, and Batsford Arboretum is the favorite. It’s a 56-acre area with exotic trees and shrubs from around the world, and it’s dog friendly. You’ll have a chance to see over 2850 different specimens, unique and ever-changing with season trees. 

6. Picnic at Coaley Peak

Coaley peak is one of the fantastic spots for a picnic in the Cotswolds. You’ll get a beautiful viewpoint in the Stroud with vistas overlooking the seven valleys. If you’re spending the holiday with your loved ones or family, a picnic at Coaley peak is a great romantic activity. 

7. Visit the Cotswold wildlife park

You’ll see a giant tortoise, majestic giraffes, lemurs, and the rare white rhino at Cotswold Wildlife Park and garden. You’ll be excited by the view of lots of famous animals, such as the most extensive reptile collection in the UK and snake species.

8. Drink at England’s oldest inn

 Dating back to the year 947, the porch house in Stow-on-the-Wold is the oldest inn in Britain. Its structure and unique interior décor consist of old timber beams, stone walls, and rustic-looking furniture. Visiting the inn offers that traditional and historical experience.


Spending a vacation in the Cotswolds is a top priority for many. The place is easily accessible, and the culture and facilities are welcoming. A typical holiday in Cotswold can involve lots of fun and special activities. So, consider the above eight exciting activities and make your Cotswold vacation a classic!