June 22, 2024


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5 Tips For Traveling With Pets

Tips for Traveling with Pets | Bookmundi

There is almost always some stress associated with travel, and this is even more true if you have pets. Depending on where you are going or how much time you have, driving may not be a feasible option. In these cases you will have to fly or take a boat or train to get to your destination. If you are unable to have someone watch your pets at home while you are out of town, you may have to take them with you on your trip. But don’t let this make you miss out on travel and force you to end up having to wait until you retire to take the trips you want to take! Here are 5 helpful tips for traveling with pets.

Find Out Rules And Regulations

Make sure to call ahead to the airlines, hotels, or anywhere else you may be taking your pet with you during your travels. Ask them detailed questions about their rules and regulations regarding their pet policies so that you can comply without issue. Planning ahead in this case will cause you to be prepared and not run into any complications that could ruin your trip!

Get Your Pet Certified

Before traveling with them, you may want to consider getting your pet certified as a service animal or emotional support animal. Laws vary by state or country, but in many places once an animal is certified they have more freedom when it comes to travel. You may also be able to get expensive pet fees waived this way. Of course, only do this if your pet actually provides a service to you. You don’t want to cheat the system.

Pack For Them Too

You always pack a bag  (or several) when you go on a trip, right? Well, pets have belongings that they’ll need to take with them when they travel too, and they can’t pack for themselves! To keep things organized, bring an extra bag just for your pet accessories. Don’t forget to pack food, water, food and water dishes, plus any toys or medications. If you are headed to a colder climate, you may even want to pack them a coat. Just remember to make sure that everything you are packing follows the guidelines and is allowed on planes/trains/etc. 

Road Trip

If all else fails and you have the time and means, think about road-tripping to your destination. Many animals love car rides, plus you won’t have to worry about bringing them to places they may not be allowed. There are also lots of other plus sides to driving. 

Traveling with pets doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Just plan ahead so that you know what to expect and you and your pet(s) will have a great trip together.