December 10, 2022


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10 Reasons why you should visit Switzerland

5 reasons why you should visit Switzerland

Flanked with the Swiss Alps on one side, Switzerland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. An amalgamation of medieval architectural and stunning natural vistas has turned the country into one of the top tourist places anywhere in the world. The geography here is as diverse as its cultures, with monolithic peaks, graceful lakes and majestic waterfalls scattered across its map. The chocolates and watches made here are world renowned, and adds to the allure of Switzerland. If you’re looking for more reasons to visit the country, here are our top ten:

  1. To ski across some of the world’s most beautiful slopes: It is no secret that the Swiss Alps possess some of the world’s most magical peaks. Perennially snow-clad, the country serves as one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world as well. The dramatic cliffs are perfect for experienced trekkers, although novices and first timers can easily partake in the sport as well. There are several ski resorts scattered across Switzerland, most of them offering queue free ski lifts and rides.
  2. Witness the world’s most photographed mountain: Jutting out between a cluster of low cliffs, the mighty Matterhorn rises to touch the Swiss skies. Standing out against the mesmerizing blue of the sky, the peak has grown into the most photographed one for good reason. The tooth-like shape of the mountain makes it stand out against the cliffs rising around it. The Matterhorn is also an excellent destination for trekking, and invites seasoned trekkers throughout the year. 
  1. Sample Swiss chocolates: Chocolates are definitely one of Switzerland’s most popular assets. And when in Switzerland, visiting a traditional chocolate factory is a must visit. There are several factory cum stores across the country that offer chocolate making tours, allowing tourists to both witness the process of production and also get a taste of some of its wares. Head over to the Sitejabber reviews section to learn more about the best chocolate tours!
  1. Experience the Geneva Festival: Every summer, Switzerland rises up in celebration with the Geneva Festival. Each year, on a Saturday in mid-August, the Festival presents an hour-long fireworks display. About forty stations shoot up more than 30,000 fireworks to music, and it is quite a sight to witness.
  2. Marvel at some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls: Switzerland is well known for its natural marvels, and its waterfalls are some of them. Falling across sheer cliffs into lakes below, the waterfalls present a majestic site. Whether it is the Reichenbach, where the fictional hero Sherlock Holmes fell to his death, or the glacial Rosenlaui Falls, the beauty of these waterfalls must be witnessed to be believed. Head over to the reviews section of Thrillophilia to know about the best waterfall tours in Switzerland!
  1. Explore Grindelwald Village: Sprawling across the Swiss Alps, Grindelwald is a true natural paradise. The idyllic pastures spread across the cliff here, presenting a postcard-like image. Sheer cliffs form the backdrop of this village, with several funicular rides taking one up the mountains. The majestic Grindelwald glacier sits on one side, with the canyon now a popular extreme sport spot. 
  2. Get a glimpse of ancient castles: Home to medieval marvels, Switzerland is just the place for history buffs. Displaying a fantastic array of Early Romanesque and Baroque styles, the fantastic castles and ancient churches here are worth a visit by all. Most of the castles here have been standing since the Middle Ages, and offer an exclusive view into the country’s artistic past. 
  3. Try a wide range of exotic delicacies: Switzerland offers a gastronomic adventure for the tourist of all tastes. The diversity of the country has given rise to a food culture that is as colorful and varied as the people here; from the French Landjager to the Italian risotto, the specialties here stem from around the world. 
  4. Witness some of the world’s most graceful lakes: Switzerland is known not just for its waterfalls and mountains, but for its little lakes as well. From the wide expanse of Lake Geneva to the crystal clear beauty of Blausee, each little lake here adds something special to the beauty of the place. During summers, one can also try a number of sports such as boating, water skiing or jumping. 
  5. Take a fantastic cable car ride: Travelling across the Swiss peaks, the cable car rides in Switzerland are quite an adventure. Soaring through the skies in a comfortable cubicle, one witnesses resplendent views of the mountains and valleys below. Some of the best gondola rides in Switzerland can be found in Stockhorn, Mont Fort, Gemsstock and Blatten.